Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I live in Brooklyn, but I'm orginally from Idaho (or basically another planet).

When I'm not coding you can find me enjoying sci-fi movies and books, snuggling my cat Rockwell, and inventing recipes in my Brooklyn-sized kitchen.

Tools I Use

Ruby On Rails

My Experience

Feature Owner

Owner of my company's chat feature. Implemented new visual design, and added new features including: document upload, pagination of messages/conversation list, and created custom UI element for selecting chat participants.

WebSocket Integration

Leveraged GraphQL-Ruby, Action Cable, and Apollo Link to integrate WebSocket real-time communication into my company’s chat feature.

Style Guide Implementation

Worked with designers to implement new designs based on custom style guide for form inputs, fonts, and buttons. Created button styles to accept modifier classes for different use cases.

Infinite Scroll

Improved load times with infinite scroll and pagination for large resource lists throughout company’s application. Utilized GraphQL mutations and React Waypoint library during this process.

Migration To React/GraphQL

A main contributor during a 5-month client side migration from ERB to React and GraphQL. This improved the application’s load time performance, visual design and scalability.

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